Cargo Protection

"DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES has provided corrosion protection solutions for many industries over the years."

Products that are transported for a longer period of time or stored for an extended period are often in need of corrosion protection. Corrosion protection packaging prevents corrosion without having to treat the metal with oil, grease or paint.

Corrosion is a significant problem in the handling, storage and shipping of products. Bare metal parts corrode easily. Temperature changes, contaminated air, sea salt and moisture, all create corrosion. All products with bare metal (bearings, engines, parts, electronic devices) need to be protected. Products in overseas transit go through a complex process of loading, unloading, manipulation, warehousing and control. So many parameters can influence the quality of the metal. Highest care is needed for a problem-free arrival.

DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES has provided corrosion protection solutions for many industries over the years. Through its competence and global network DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES can provide a customized solution anywhere in the world, giving customers the ability to dispatch products worldwide without humidity or corrosion damages.

  • LDPE film or HDPE film with desiccants and/or VCI emitters
  • Aluminum-barrier film + desiccants
  • Volatile/Vapor Phase Corrosion inhibitors

All sensitive products need the right protection against shock and vibration. DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES offers, among other things, absorbing material which reduces shocks and vibrations, bracing which separates products and holds them in place.


  • Bulk Bags

    High-performance extrusion fabrics to produce Bulk Bags used in a wide range of industries. From basic builders bags to high-quality pharmaceuticals.

  • Desiccant

    Moisture can quickly affect the value or even destroy many types of valuable goods, causing rust, corrosion, mildew, mould and device malfunction. By sealing goods inside packaging with the appropriate desiccant, goods can be protected from moisture and maintain long shelf lives.

  • Slip Sheet

    Made primarily of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), slip sheets are designed to replace or supplement wooden pallets in transportation and warehouse applications. It is offered in a variety of paper weights and has been designed from the start with automation and economy in mind.

  • Dunnage Bags

    Dunnage bags are inserted into void spaces inside containers, rail cars or trucks and are then inflated with compressed air to the recommended level. As the bag is inflated it gently pushes the load away from itself, wedging it against the walls of the container. This creates a solid brace, stabilizing the load and preventing any future movement, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage during transit.

  • Thermal Container Liners & Covers

    Thermal Container Liners & Covers is a fully woven reflective liner that is hung into a general-purpose ISO shipping container and allows for forklift loading, hand loading and slip sheet. Once loaded it is fully sealed protecting all six walls and providing a closed off temperature and humidity controlled environment for the goods within.

Cargo inside a container can be exposed to dangerous heat penetrating in three ways, conduction, radiation and convection. TCL eradicates these problems by reflecting up to 96% of the radiant heat, preventing the cargo from making direct contact with the container walls and preventing hot or cold air coming through the fully sealed liner.

Woven Dry Bulk Container Liner

Anti-Slip Paper Sheet

Bulk Bags

Cardboard Bulk Bins


Dunnage Bag



Slip Sheet

Container Thermal Liner