Honeycomb Packaging

Honeycomb is the lightweight, rugged and environmentally-friendly solution to your protective packaging needs.

Paper-based honeycomb stands as the best alternative to all other oil-based packaging material such as Expanded Polystyrene, thermoformed plastics, foam packaging, etc. We custom-engineer our packaging solutions to meet your unique specifications. We deliver an unmatched service level. Our customer-oriented approach relies on unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness, short lead times and low minimum order. Thanks to our strategic locations across Middle East, our regional footprint provides our operations with a robust network of companies and allows for in time deliveries, short supply chain and secured sourcing.

Paperboard Honeycomb is a prime choice material for protective packaging. Its versatility makes it the ideal solution for interior packaging as well as for dunnage and structural applications.

Our honeycomb is suitable for printing and merchandising applications and is a natural answer to the needs of displays POP manufacturers.

Strength-to-weight Ratio:
Paperboard Honeycomb is a strong material with high unidirectional compression resistance. It will replace wood in many packaging applications yet weighs 4 to 5 times less.

Shock and Vibration Absorption:
Paperboard Honeycomb has outstanding cushioning properties and may be employed to protect products from shock or vibration damage during transportation and distribution.

Dimensional Stability:
Due to its great dimensional stability, our honeycomb is suitable for all direct printing and graphic displays application.

Honeycomb is a lightweight, rugged protective packaging material. It will efficiently replace denser materials such as wood and plastic allowing for dramatic direct and indirect cost reductions. Not only will our honeycomb help you lower your cost of packaging (material and labor), but it will also assist you in shipping lighter loads hence saving on freight cost. Being a paper-based product, our honeycomb is easy to dispose of which provides recycling cost-savings.

Paperboard Honeycomb is the Green Packaging Material.

Paper Honeycomb is an eco-friendly, flexible and lightweight material that has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It can be combined with plywood, steel, plastics and many other materials to form strong composite panels.

Custom-made Packaging:
We will work from your specifications and tailor our solution to meet your expectations in a competitive and flexible fashion.

We are easy to work with:
We are customer oriented and strongly focus on your needs. Short chain of command and flexible operations allow us to meet short lead times from the very first step all the way through the implementation of your project. We have low minimum order quantities and will work with you to provide adequate and creative logistic programs.

Supply Chain:
We are a global player. With our partners manufacturing locations in Middle East, we efficiently ship our products and help reduce freight cost. We have warehousing capacities and can handle logistic programs to efficiently support our customer operations.

Sustainable Sourcing:
You can rely on our network of facilities to secure your sourcing and expand your business with peace of mind.

A Professional Team dedicated to service your needs:
Our Customer Service and Design Team will take good care of your business. We think outside of the box and will provide you with the right solution that will help you improve your bottom line.