For Aerospace too, DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES provides special logistics solutions ideally adapted to the particularly high demands of this industry. Whether it is for airlines, maintenance operations, aircraft, motor or engine manufacturers, DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES meets the quality requirements of the aerospace industry and also provides a logistics solution that is perfectly suited to all aspects of the job in hand.

  • Short delivery times
  • Detailed shipment tracking
  • Reliable and time sensitive freight services of all types and modes through our extensive list of global partners
  • Goods-inward control
  • Consolidation
  • Direct services


Food and beverage products present every logistics company with very special demands. DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES specialized food & beverage logistics division is ideally set up to fulfil these challenging requirements.

DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES is well prepared to provide exceptional logistic services catering to the growing consumer demands of food and beverage products around the world. Our reliable and carefully selected global network delivers controlled ambient and cold supply chain solutions, enhancing our 'fresh-to-door' concept throughout GCC Countries, Levant, Africa, Persian Peninsula, CIS, Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

We understand the importance of quality control within the food and beverage industry and can provide end-to-end logistic systems and services to ensure all products are maintained at their optimum temperature and condition.


The fashion industry is a fast paced and dynamic environment with seasonal variations, changing consumer penchants and trend fluctuations placing high demands on logistics requirements.

DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES has the ability and the experience to respond to the fast changing needs of this industry with a comprehensive range of tailored and flexible logistic services and solutions.

Our end-to-end capability allows the transfer of globally sourced fabrics/materials to a central manufacturing plant where finished garments can be shipped to store delivery. Fashion items can be prepared for final delivery closer to the source of production, saving time and reducing total logistic costs. Our extensive international logistics network presents significant commercial opportunities to our customers.

With an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry logistic requirements, DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES can develop customer specific solutions and make a substantial difference to our client's overall operational efficiencies.

Above and beyond conventional warehouse and inventory management services, DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES provides value-added logistics services such as labelling, re-packaging, and delivery for leading footwear, fashion, and cosmetic brands.

We take pride in ensuring the quality and image of our customers' brands, strictly maintaining specific conditions such as clean, dust-free, temperature and humidity-controlled storage.

Reverse logistics and central distribution functions are among other customizable services readily available to our customers.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

The pressure to reduce lead times and increase inventory turns is relentless. But it's not always easy to keep the supply chain moving swiftly when you manage a pipeline of products, distributed across multiple channels. Plus, you may have a large and likely dynamic supplier base. In consumer markets, your product must arrive in presentational quality.

Receive the benefits of working with UAE provider of collaborative planning. At DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES, we can interface with your entire supplier base and manage multiple freight and logistics companies through our capabilities as a lead logistics provider (LLP). Further, DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES quality assurance processes prevent defaults and avoid costly reverse logistics. We take the right care in handling transit and storage to reduce your damage ratios.

DM consumer goods capabilities include:

  • Freight and transport management
  • Contract logistics, warehousing & distribution
  • Customs clearance and customs consultancy
  • IT solutions for improved supplier management, purchase order (PO) management, shipment management, landed costing, inventory management, exception management
  • Supply chain classification/segmentation


DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES provides complete end-to-end supply chain solutions to high-tech and electronics customers along the value chain from manufacturers (raw materials & semi-finished goods) to retailers and end-users (last mile distribution).

Our proven Warehouse Management System caters to the management and control of inventories by various methods such as production batches, product serial numbers, warranty and expiry periods.

Together with reliable freight services such as international freight and long-haul transportation, DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES is the trusted logistics partner of many high-tech and electronics customers, serving as the regional distribution hub and base for their inventory movement to regional and worldwide facilities.

We also provide value added services (VAS) such as labelling of security labels, kitting, issuance of warranty certificates and marketing material including vouchers, brochures and instruction booklets.


The ongoing expansion of the mobile ecosystem, the unending demand for speed, connectivity, high-bandwidth applications, and new mobile and gaming devices will remain one of the key factors for the continuous and robust growth in the telecommunications industry.

Another key priority and challenge has been the security issue the industry is facing. Critical company data and mobile devices must be protected against growing hacking threats and the increasing risks of malicious software. Rapid innovation, the development and arrival of new and updated products and services will remain the cornerstone of success across the sector with accelerating speed.

The steadily rising demand in development, expansion and upgrade of communications infrastructure worldwide and the spread of communication services into vertical markets further characterize the dynamics and will guarantee another exciting year for the telecommunications industry.

Obviously, industry players and manufacturers are expecting just as much from their service providers.


Construction projects have rigorous schedules and even tougher supplier standards to meet, including time-sensitive deliveries. Yet lack of transparency into availability of materials in stock and in-transit suppliers is rare. Ever-changing delivery addresses, tight schedules and challenges in collaborating effectively across all parties - engineers, designers, direct and indirect contractors, suppliers - muddies the picture. The last thing you need as a building materials supplier or industry professional is missed, late or damaged shipments.

DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES manages and coordinates with your team for total freight and inventory management of building materials. We schedule just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries to construction sites throughout UAE from small parcels to full truckloads (FTLs). We will even manage your reverse logistics for transportation equipment such as stillages and frames and expedite broken tools to repair centers.

Delivering the right medical stock in the right location is imperative. Yet even large hospitals may have erratic order patterns which risk timely fulfilment. Orders may not initiate on time, squeezing the picking and delivery end. What's the remedy? A flexible and responsive 3PL and forwarder that can fill the bill.


Medical suppliers turn to DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES for flexible, tailored medical fulfilment solutions. With over years of serving GCC and global hospital suppliers and manufacturers as well as the broader healthcare industry, DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES understands your challenges. Your customers are unique and range from Departments of Health and not-for-profit private hospitals under long-term tendered contracts to nursing homes and global pharmaceutical companies.


  • Our global, dedicated team of professionals is fully committed to developing customized solutions for your supply chains, particularly as it relates to maintaining product integrity, regulatory compliance, and transportation management.
  • We pride ourselves on our knowledge of customer's products and handle them with utmost care.
  • We provide proactive advice to your customer's purchasing officers at hospitals regarding best practices in how to consolidate orders to minimize daily administration and to maximize the efficiency of the entire order process.
  • We're equipped to handle even the most complex freight forwarding and warehousing requirements with solutions that closely monitor your products, optimize inbound and outbound shipments, streamline product throughput times, merge goods in transit, and significantly reduce your storage and inventory requirements.

Distribution and handling:

  • Safe, secure facilities for handling of medical and surgical goods.
  • UAE domestic warehouse facilities are strategically located near major highways.
  • Fast order processing and deliveries in key metro areas.


The highly complex logistics processes involved in the material and product flow of the automotive industry require highly efficient supply chain operations and perfectly tuned integrated services.

Logistics for automotive manufacturers encompass all activities associated with the transportation, distribution, storage and management of automobiles, its service parts and other components from vendor to the supply of a production line, from delivery of the cars, vans and trucks into the markets to the spare parts supply to dealership level via regional or domestic hub structures and logistics centers; and, finally, the return, recycle and remanufacturing processes completing the cycle.

Automotive is a dynamic and competitive industry, affected by many trends facing a multitude of challenges. Therefore the automotive industry requires a highly experienced, reliable and dedicated logistics service provider to operate a lean and cost effective global supply chain that is flexible, addresses the dynamics of this particular sector and, at the same time, is robust and resilient.

Our services include receiving and managing of components at our facilities, picking of components to-order and Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries to customers' production facilities.

This capability showcases DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES expertise in managing multiple SKU inventories down to individual piece level with integration to JIT and time-critical deliveries.


DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES understand the logistics challenges faced by the offshore and marine industry.

This industry is characterized by having a vast number of unique materials and special transportation requirements. Specialized equipment is often required for heavy lifting of such materials and the step-by-step building process of offshore structures and facilities means that materials are required on an ad hoc basis due to limited storage at offshore facilities. Inventory management is of utmost importance due to the significant amount of coordination involved.

With a proven track record and years of experience, our specialized capabilities in freight forwarding, project logistics, transportation and warehouse management will ensure smooth sailing for our customers' offshore and marine logistics needs.


With the deployment of heavy machinery in remote locations and short delivery times, the oil and gas sector presents very specific challenges to any logistics firm. Reason enough for DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES to provide our customers in this segment with their own unit of experienced specialist staff.

This division offers you the following services, among others:

  • Documentation
  • Neutralization
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Customs clearance
  • Break-bulk and heavy-goods shipping
  • Partial and full charter of AIR and SEA freight