"We provide worldwide relocation and moving services for domestic, long distance and international moves."

We happily serve our customers through our global offices throughout Middle East, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Russia, Central Asia and a global network of moving partners.

We have been relocating families, corporate assignees, diplomats and military people around the globe.

Destination services are critical for a good customer experience. Our comprehensive destination packages include shipment, customs clearance, delivery, unpacking, short and long-term storage, as well as relocation assistance to help your client settle in quickly.

Global mobility of employees is essential for any corporation that has multiple operations around the world. International assignments in particular are vital for the continuation and growth of international businesses. However, corporate mobility is a specialized and costly investment that demands expertize IT-tools and continuous attention: resources that are not always available or affordable, especially in small and mid-sized corporations.

Corporate relocation, although common in the business world today, remains a process fraught with pressure and risk. For the assignee and their family, there is the pressure to succeed in an entirely new environment. For the employer there is the pressure of navigating through foreign laws and regulations, with the potential to make time-consuming, costly mistakes.

To limit the business cost it is key to ensure your employee and their families settle in quickly. At DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES, we provide mobility services that protect your investments and empower your people.

For diplomats and public officials, moving abroad is part of the job description. It should never become a job in itself, however. We know that the core concerns for relocating officials are always going to be a swift and smooth relocation, the secure handling of confidential information, an in-depth knowledge of regulations at both origin and destination, and a clear, open pricing system. Such moves require an expert touch, so that officials can get on with their real jobs.

Decided to move abroad? Congratulations! International relocation is usually an exciting step in life that opens up new horizons and opportunities.

However, moving also brings with it plenty of challenges, unknowns and risks. It raises a million questions and gives you another million things to remember. No wonder moving is consistently voted as one of the most stressful events anyone can go through! It requires support and expertize tailored to your individual situation.

DYNAMIC MULTISERVICES expertly organizes and executes local and international moves that suit your budget, taking care to minimize your very understandable stress along the way.

Our professional move coordinators are crucial in this respect: they address all of your concerns, tailor-make your move according to your requirements, and keep you informed every step of the way.

After all, they know that it's your life we're moving, not just your belongings.


Moving abroad and can't fit all of your indispensables into your luggage allowance? Afraid of excessive airline fees if your luggage is overweight? Whatever the reason, if you have too much stuff to take with you, DM'S Excess Baggage Service can help.


We can collect, do the freight move to any part of the world and deliver your belongings wherever they need to go by providing swift, door-to-door excess baggage and unaccompanied airfreight services for individuals, students, diplomats, expats and holidaymakers.

If you're leaving things behind, of course you want to be absolutely certain they'll be in safe hands.

We provide both short and long-term storage, at both your departure country and your new destination. We can arrange storage with one of our approved moving partners around the globe. From a box of books to the contents of an entire house, our state-of-the-art warehouses can take it all.


Built storage warehouses are equipped with modern digital security systems, temperature and humidity controls and 24-hour CCTV surveillance. We provide both short and long-term storage, at the country of departure or destination.

  • Short or long-term
  • Customs bonded
  • Car/vehicle storage
  • Storage collection and delivery
  • Storage of antiques and confidential files
  • Commercial storage available